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Australian Sponsored Visa

Employer sponsored Visas are specifically designed to address the shortage of skilled workers in certain industries in Australia 


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Your first step on journey to Australia, for most, would normally be to determine which visa category best fits your circumstances and requirements..


Employer Sponsored

Employer Sponsored Visas are specifically designed to address the shortage of skilled workers in certain industries. These visas are intended to fill gaps in the workforce that cannot be filled locally.

The demand for certain occupations, or the possession of unique skills or talents, can make an individual eligible for an Employer Sponsored Visa. By sponsoring a foreign worker, the employer is demonstrating their commitment to filling the skills gap in their industry and making a valuable contribution to the Australian economy. For the individual, an Employer Sponsored Visa offers the opportunity to live and work in Australia, while being supported by a secure job and a sponsoring employer. 

Do I Qualify?
  • Main applicant to be under 50 years of age at application;

  • Have a qualification and experience in a role on the skills list;

  • Can meet the skilled visa points test requirements;

  • Can satisfy the English language test requirements.

Visa Benefits

  • A Temporary Visa type (often with a pathway to permanent visa) for yourself, your partner and dependent children;

  • One of the most common visa types;

  • Available to a wide range of experienced workers;

  • Some conditions or visa restrictions

Sub-Class Visa (Sponsored)

TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage)

The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa is a temporary work visa for skilled foreign workers to fill critical labor shortages in Australia. The visa is divided into two streams: the Short-term stream and the Medium-term stream. The Short-term stream is for up to two years and the Medium-term stream is for up to four years. To be eligible for the TSS visa, the applicant must have a valid job offer from an approved sponsor, meet minimum English language requirements, and pass a skills assessment for their occupation. The TSS visa program aims to support businesses in meeting their skilled workforce needs while contributing to the Australian economy and enhancing international trade.


The Australian Distinguished Talent visa is for individuals who are highly skilled and recognised in their field of expertise. To be eligible, the applicant must be able to demonstrate exceptional and outstanding abilities in their field and have an international reputation. They must also have an endorsement from a reputable organisation or authority in their field. This visa type is suitable for artists, scientists, sportspeople, or anyone who has made significant contributions in their field and seeks to continue their work in Australia. The visa is a great opportunity for individuals to showcase their talent on a global stage and make a positive contribution to Australia's cultural, scientific, or sporting landscape.


Not All Visa Agents Are The Same!

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