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Australian Skilled Visa

There are various visa options available for Points Tested skilled workers who aspire to live in Australia


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Do You have an In-Demand Skill?

There are various visa options available for Points Tested skilled workers who aspire to live in Australia and do not have a sponsoring employer.

These options cater to individuals who are applying for immigration as an independent migrant, as well as those who are being sponsored by a relative or nominated by a government entity at the state or territorial level. The diversity of these options provides ample opportunity for skilled workers to find the best path to immigration and establish their lives in Australia.

Do I Qualify?
  • Main applicant to be under 45 years of age at application;

  • Have a qualification and experience in a role on the skills list;

  • Can meet the skilled visa points test requirements;

  • Can satisfy the English language test requirements

Visa Benefits

  • A Permanent (or pathway to a permanent) Visa for yourself, your partner and dependent children;

  • None or few conditions or visa restrictions.

Sub-Class Visa (Skilled)


Skilled independent visas are the preferred option for eligible applicants who do not have an employer to sponsor them, as they have the least number of restrictions imposed on them. It is important to assess your eligibility for these visas before proceeding with the application process. Independent migrants have the freedom to live and work anywhere in Australia, without being tied to a specific employer or location. This level of flexibility and autonomy makes the independent visa option a popular choice for skilled workers seeking a new life in Australia. It is crucial to ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria for an independent visa before moving forward with the application process.


If you are seeking to migrate to Australia through a skilled sponsored or nominated visa, it is important to be aware that there are a number of obligations that must be fulfilled. These visas require the applicant to have a sponsor, either in the form of an eligible relative or a nomination from a state or territory government. By accepting sponsorship or nomination, you will be obligated to fulfill certain requirements in order to maintain your visa status and remain in Australia. It is important to carefully consider the obligations associated with a skilled sponsored or nominated visa before making a decision, to ensure that you are prepared to meet the necessary commitments.


Permanent visas are an important option for individuals seeking to migrate to Australia through the skilled independent or skilled nominated visa categories. These visas offer a long-term path to residency and allow the holder to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. Permanent visas offer a range of benefits, including the ability to access government services and entitlements, sponsor family members to join you in Australia, and apply for citizenship after fulfilling the eligibility requirements. Obtaining a permanent visa can be a complex and lengthy process, but for those who are successful, it can lead to a fulfilling and stable life in Australia.


Temporary visas are a popular option for individuals seeking to migrate to Australia. These visas allow the holder to live and work in Australia for a specified period of time, usually up to four years. Temporary visas provide an opportunity to experience life in Australia and assess your suitability for permanent residency, before committing to a long-term path. Some temporary visas also offer the possibility of transitioning to a permanent visa. When applying for a temporary visa, it is important to demonstrate that you meet the necessary requirements, including having the required skills and qualifications, and fulfilling any other obligations associated with your visa category.


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