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Family Visa 

A Family Visa allows an Australian Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen to sponsor or support a Visa application by an eligible Partner. Parent Child or Carer.

Family Visa 

A Family Visa allows an Australian Permanent Resident or Australian Citizen to sponsor or support a Visa application by an eligible Partner. Parent Child or Carer.


What Makes Us


Experienced and Specialised Australian Migration Agents

Here at Active Migration Australia we believe that you should have a visa strategy instead of a idea. when you make a plan you should consider all of your option. analyse each one based on  your current situation and determine the best way to process. A good plan is flexible . it has contingencies. its goal orientated and definable. 

Here to Assist

At Active Migration Australia you are not hiring a single agent, you’re dealing with registered Australian migration agents with over 30 years experience. You’re also engaging a team of professionals with a wide range of experience across a large number of Visa sub-classes.


Our agents are not only trained across a range of Visas, they also have a specialist field that they champion. These champions are a resource and benefit to both our clients and our team.


Among other things, these are areas we consider important for you to consider before choosing an Australia migration agency:

  • Experience with a broad range of Visas;

  • Experience with jurisdictional and merit review issues;

  • Knowledge of the migration law;

  • Ongoing development – is the other agent just keeping up, or exceeding your expectations;

  • Number of staffs;

  • English proficiency.


We have the resource and manpower to never compromise on the quality


Providing exceptional support to our clients, no matter where you are located


Working closely with our clients to ensure applications are accurate and complete


Committed to ensuring the outcome of each and every visa application we handle

Doing it right

The Visa 


The Visa process is complex and lengthy, but we are here to guide and simplify the whole journey. It is important to get everything right, first time. This is where our experience counts.


The first step in the Visa process would be to identify the type of Visa class that you may be able to meet the criteria for.


Each different Visa type has its own set of eligability criteria that needs to be met.


Once we are sure that we are able to satisfy eligability it is time to begin to gather documents, forms and certifications for the application.


All application, assessment and associated fees need to be paid up front with lodgement of the application with the Australian authorities.

Get Set to

Say G'Day

What does it mean to use a MARA Registered Australian Migration Agent?

Being a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered Australian migration agent means that the agent has met the strict standards set by the Australian government for the provision of migration advice and services.


These standards include having relevant qualifications, completing ongoing professional development, and adhering to a strict code of ethics.


The advantages to the client of being represented by a MARA registered agent include access to the latest information and changes to migration laws, guidance on the most appropriate visa options, and a professional and ethical service that puts the client's best interests first.


Having a MARA registered agent also provides the client with peace of mind that they are in safe hands and that their migration matter is being handled by a qualified and reputable professional.

Migration agents must complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to maintain their MARA registration, in particular a minimum of 10 points per year. These can be done at 3 levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. There is nothing stopping an agent from completing all CPDs at the beginner level. This is great for the agent, but it doesn’t help you.


Our Senior agents typically complete all of their CPDs at an Advanced Level and will most often exceed the minimum requirement.

I can't afford professional services Do you offer free legal help?

There are a number of costs involved in being a registered migration agent from continuous professional development courses, Professional legal libraries, Insurances and of course the cost of running a business. For those reasons we do not offer fee advice. If you are unable to use a lawyer or registered migration agent we strongly suggest you avoid non registered illegal operators and crowd sourced advice. Rely only on government websites. 

May I hire a non registered agent or lawyer for visa application??

You do not have to use a registered migration agent to apply for a visa. But you may need the professional help of a registered migration agent, especially if your case is complex.​ however there is only one type of agent who can lawfully provide migration advice in Australia - an OMARA registered migration agent.