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Skilled visa success for a nurse from the Philippines

Maria set her sights on Australia, a land known for its world-class healthcare industry and endless possibilities for career advancement.

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We plan a Visa strategy that looks at the whole picture, understanding your circumstances and making a vision for your future in Australia.

We Have A Plan for You

Explore real-life success stories and discover how we have helped individuals and families achieve their Australian migration goals with our comprehensive Visa Agent services.


Everyone's story and background is different

a mountain range with snow

Successful Migration for a Family from South Africa

Seeking a better life and opportunities in Australia can be a daunting task. However, this family was determined to make a new start.

a mountain range with snow

Partner visa success for a couple with age difference

A significant age difference meant that Dara and Brian had a challenge ahead of them before they were able start a life together in Australia.

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Business Visa for Young Entrepreneur from India

Active Migration's expertise in navigating the complex requirements for a business visa led to a successful outcome for Dhruv, allowing this young entrepreneur to achieve his goals.

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Employer-sponsored visa success for a Executive Chef

From a working holiday in Australia, his employer saw his potential and offered to sponsor him as a skilled worker, recognising the value he brought to the team.

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Not All Visa Agents Are The Same!

We offer this service for Visa applicants who don’t want to risk a refusal; who want every aspect and stage of their application process is guided by experienced migration agent and professional migration coordinators in order to increase the chance of success of their Visa application.

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Case Studies

It is always a pleasure to receive updates from our clients and to learn how they have settled and adapted to life in Australia

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