The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS Visa) otherwise known as Subclass 482 Visa is the replacement of the 457 Temporary Skilled Visa. The Australian government announced in April 2017 that this visa program will officially replace the 457 in March 2018.

TSS visa operates in two streams, namely the Short-Term and Medium-Term stream. The differences and similarities of the streams can be summarised in the following:

Short-term TSS Visa

Key Info:

  • The short-term TSS visa is valid for two years.
  • It can be renewed only once for a further 2 years.
  • This stream is made for Australian businesses/employers to fill temporary (or short-term, hence the name) skill gaps.
  • It has no pathway to Australian permanent residency- however it may assist in getting the experience for a direct entry visa or points for a points tested visa.
  • The Short-term Skill Occupation List (STSOL) will be assessed every six months and occupations may be added or removed from the list as a result.
  • STSOL is previously known as Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).

Medium-Term TSS Visa

Key Info:

  • Medium-term Temporary Skilled Shortage visa is relatively similar to the current 457 visa.
  • The duration for medium-term TSS visa is four years.
  • Australian permanent residency is possible for applicants after three years.
  • The medium-term TSS visa is designed for applicants working in skilled occupation that the Government thinks is crucial for the economy in the medium/long-term period.
  • In order to qualify for this visa, the applicants must have occupations included in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  • MLTSSL is previously known as SOL or Skilled Occupations List.

MLTSSL and STSOL Source: Immi 17/072

Visa Fees

The following fees will apply from March 2018:

Comparison Table457 (Closes March 2018)Short-Term StreamMedium-Term Stream
Primary Applicant$1,080.00$1,150.00$2,400.00
Adult Dependent$1,080.00$1,150.00$2,400.00
Child Dependent$270.00$290.00$600.00


Foreign Worker Skilling Australia Visa Levy

If legislation is approved in the Parliament we will likely see the introduction of the “Skilling Australians Fund”.

The proposed levy will be payable up-front to the Department of Home Affairs, for the number of years that the visa will be valid for. The cost of the levy will be charged on a per person, per year basis and counted as follow:

  • Temporary Visa Levy
  • Companies with an annual turnover below $10 million
    • $1,200.00 per year
  • Companies with an annual turnover exceeding $10 million
    • $1,800.00 per year

There is also a proposed new “Skilling Australia “ fee for nominations for the 186 and 187 visa program. Businesses with less than $10 million per year revenue will be required to pay a one-off fee of $3,000 for each foreign worker sponsored under the scheme, while those with an annual turnover exceeding $10 million will be charged $5,000.

Is it time to panic?

While it is not time to panic companies looking to avoid being hit by the upcoming tax levy and visa fee increases are advised to ensure that their applications are lodged with Active Migration Australia before March 1st 2018.

The new levy structure may not be as bad as many think it is if they compare it to the current requirement that 1% of payroll be spent on training Australian employees or 2% of Payroll being paid into an industry training fund. In many cases the proposed fees towards the Skilling Australia program will be less than the previous requirements.

*) According to February 2018 Newsletter of the Department of Home Affairs, TSS visa will be called as Subclass 482 Visa.

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