We offer this service for visa applicants who don’t want to risk a refusal; who want every aspect and stage of their application process is guided by experienced migration agent and professional migration coordinators in order to increase the chance of success of their visa application.


Australian migration laws and regulations are subject to constant changes as a reflection of the economical, political and social situation in the country. As of 2017, those laws and regulations are only getting tougher. There’s simply no substitute for the knowledge and experience of a registered migration agent to navigate the whole visa application process.


As there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to migrating to Australia, our fee is calculated individually depends on the client’s current visa and migration situation. A quote will be provided AFTER the first consultation.


As the name suggests, it includes everything until the Government grant your visa.

  • Initial Consultation to prepare your visa strategy
  • Follow Up. Including but not limited to preparing your documents
  • Visa Checking Service
  • Application Lodging

1. Initial Consultation

  • An analysis of your current visa situation
  • Advice on the relevant visa type you may be eligible for
  • Recommendations on your best possible visa strategy
  • An overview of Active Migration Australia visa processes and stages
  • Explanation of the main stages of your visa application
  • Advice on average processing times

2. Follow Up and Process

Including but not limited to

3. Visa Checking

When all documents are ready, our registered agent will perform a thorough check for any errors, mistakes and any point of concerns that may appear in your documents/application. We also offer this service for applicants who choose to apply by themselves. If this is you, you can apply for our visa checking here.

4. Lodging Your Visa Application

As with the communication with the department, we’ll also be the one who lodge the application on your behalf and maintain the communication with the department during the processing time.
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