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    AOAC Skill Assessment Stage 4 (4 of 5)

    The face to face practical assessment can only be completed in Melbourne Australia. The practical assessment is held at Victoria University (Flinders Street Campus) in Melbourne, Australia. The focus of the practical assessment is on safe and effective osteopathy practice with assessors being able to directly observe candidates ability in through information gathering, patient examination, clinical reasoning and patient treatment and management.
    This assessment contains two parts:
    120 minute Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) involving simulated patient and,
    3 patient consultations with actual patients (not simulated)
    The structure and marking criteria for the OSCE and patient consultation aspects of the assessment are available in the candidate guide.
    Candidates are required to apply for limited registration to sit the practical assessment. Further information on limited registration is available from the Osteopathy Board of Australia. If a candidate does not gain limited registration in a timely manner before the practical assessment, they will not be able to sit the assessment.
    Candidates can register for Stage 4 once they have successfully completed Stage 3: Online practical assessment.
    Clinical examinations are generally scheduled for the last week of February and August each year and are held in Melbourne, Australia only.  This is subject to change depending on availability.  The venue for the clinical examination is Victoria University (Flinders Street Campus) in Melbourne, Australia.