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Who we are

Active Migration Australia is an immigration agency that has been operating in Australia for the last 15 years. Based in WA Australia.

What we do

Our full service is tailored exactly to your specific situation and needs. We work with organization and individuals from across the globe and have a 95% rate of visa granted.

What we can do for you

Vineyards and wineries can use our service and expertise to get highly targeted temporary and permanent staffs

Why Us?

All Active Migration Australia Registered Migration agents are not only trained across a broad range of visas, they also have a specialist field that they champion. These champions are a resource and benefit to both our clients and our team. And now, we’re bringing these richness of resources and benefits to your industry!

Our Propositions

We provide a permanent solution for all your visa and staffing needs

  • Attract the right talent
  • Facilitate and process visas
  • Do the heavy lifting in dealing with policy and legislation+
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The Benefits for You

Smooth Process

We have a smooth uninterrupted process from recruiting, visa processing and relocating. Our expertise will assist you in every step of the way
Vast Workers Database
We offer vast workers database to pick from. Assemble your dream team for every level of your business; from labour, production to services.
Business Growth
Grow your business through labour agreement. We do the leg work for you by drafting labour agreements with department and state for YOUR benefit
Increased Productivity
Happy workers are productive workers. We’ll overtake the stress associated with relocating by making it super easy for them to find new place and adjust to Australian lifestyle.

Struggling to find your dream team?

We have thousands of CVs from workers all over the world for you to pick from.

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Way Forward

Active Migration Australia is a problem solver. We listen to our clients’ problems and then we solve it. Australia wine industry, no doubts, has its problems. Labour is one. Second, the tightening of regulation on hiring overseas talents. We excel at solving problems on both fields and we’re bringing this expertise to your industry for your benefit.

1. Let’s talk

We call you and you get to ask all the questions (make sure we the real deal).

2. Let’s meet

Once we have satisfactorily answered your questions, we meet up and we provide you the plan of action for your unique visa and staffing needs.

3. Let’s act

We deliver the promises made and agreed.