What are we going to do when Australias’ ageing population and lack of immigration numbers causes major skill shortages once again? When will we ever learn??

Professor McDonald says “Many of the Baby Boom generation had also been in lower-skilled jobs that were not being filled by migrants, he said. “And so we’re going to have a shortage of lower-skilled workers and I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do about that.”

Many of the problems with immigration today are not being caused by the number of Visas being approved, But the delays in processing the Visas that are in the system.

For example, The number of protection Visa applications made by people ho arrived in Australia legally has increased to 81,596 between July 2014 and this year. Consider now that 90% of these applications are rejected. Roughly 73,436 people are here on bridging Visas, that are not going to be given a more permanent Visa for YEARS – that is correct, Years, while they exhaust the appeals process.

The end result is that while immigration numbers are being blamed, the real issue is the slow processing times that are now common across most Visas. With improved efficiency many of these people would be rejected sooner relieving pressure.

Skilled workers, Workers invited to Australia to work in jobs that low level workers cannot fill are not taking jobs from Australians. Australian employers actively seek Australian workers before going overseas, So they are not the problem.

Years ago a person could get a partner Visa in a short period of time, Not they are taking in many cases 2 years to be approved. This ads an additional 80,000 people to the bridging Visa numbers, and even more on tourist Visas trying to spend time with their loved ones, Many of these do not have work rights and cannot contribute to the economy, but still use our infrastructure. Once again, Efficient processing and clearing a backlog can be seen as the problem.

If the processing efficiencies improved their is no doubt that the number of people on bridging Visas, now more than the population of Hobart, would decrease relieving pressure on the country across the board.

Scott Morrison (ScoMo) Unimelb Science Student News Grattan Institute

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