Thinking about Sponsoring Overseas Workers?

How to sponsor overseas workers

Thinking about Sponsoring Overseas Workers?

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How to sponsor overseas workersLearn about Australian Work Visa Sponsorship by Meeting with Active Migration Australia

Sometimes, good hires are hard to find. Occasionally, limited applicant pools will have to do with marketing and reach. If not enough people are seeing you job postings, it stands to reason that not enough people are going to apply. If you are trying to fill a position that involves specialised skills, though, it’s possible that your problem is due to something else entirely: a nationwide shortage of people with the skillset in question. In such a situation, you may be able to fill those positions by sponsoring skilled workers from outside of Australia.

Using Work Visa Sponsorships to Flesh out Your Team

The Australian government likes to promote the hiring of local workers whenever possible. In situations where you can’t find someone with the skillset you need, you may still be able to hire locally by bringing in someone who you can train to perform a necessary function within your business. However, if the skill is particularly specialised or if you need a quick hire and can’t afford to take the time that would be necessary to train someone, a work visa sponsorship is probably your best bet.

There are a few different Australian sponsorship visa options available if you are looking to hire workers from overseas. If you are trying to fill a long-term position, you can sponsor employees for permanent migration. If you have a temporary contract or project and need to fill out your team with skilled workers, you can also sponsor overseas workers for temporary visas. In some cases, you might even be able to employ overseas workers who are already here on other types of visas—such as student visas or working holiday visas.

At Active Migration Australia, we frequently work with businesses that are thinking about sponsoring overseas workers. If you aren’t sure what type of work visa sponsorship is ideal for your business, we can help you analyse your needs and choose the right visa application to meet them. Of course, you will need to find the overseas skilled workers who you wish to sponsor. However, we can help you with the rest, from preparing the visa application to tracking the status of the application after it has been lodged.

Find the Skilled Workers You Need by Looking Beyond Australian Shores

In occupations and industries where specialised skills are necessary, worker shortages are going to arise from time to time. Unfortunately, the inevitability of these shortages doesn’t make them any easier to deal with, nor does it negate the fact that they can hurt your business’s productivity and ability to drive growth.

With an Australian sponsorship visa, you can look beyond Australia’s shores and find the skills and qualifications you need abroad. Even if Australia has a shortage of certain types of skilled workers, other countries don’t have the same issues. Sponsoring skilled workers from overseas can allow you to fill the gaps in your business while also giving talented professionals an attractive work opportunity.

If you are ready to pursue a work visa sponsorship (Standard Business Sponsorship) and need a little help, Active Migration Australia can help. Give us a call on +61 (08) 9447 2226 to schedule a consultation with our team.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”sidebar_3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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