Career in the Wine Industry

Career in wine industry

Career in the Wine Industry

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Thinking of having a career in wine industry? You may want to read the following post that we compile from various sources. There are three categories under which your career in wine could fall under:

  • working in off/on premise establishments (i.e. at wine shops and restaurants)
  • working for a distributor
  • working at a winery and/or vineyard

There also a different set of categories under which your career in wine industry could fall under:

  • Production (Viticulture & Oenology)- An advanced degree is generally required by someone who wants to pursue work as a viticulturist, which usually leads to positions like:
    • Vineyard Manager (in charge of a single vineyard)
    • Director of Viticulture (oversees multiple vineyard locations)
    • Enology (also often spelled Oenology) is the science of wine production or winemaking.
  • Sales & Marketing – Depending on the size of the winery, there may be one person in charge of all winery marketing, or there could be specific positions for each of the following:
    • Director of Marketing
    • Direct-to-consumer Marketing Manager (tasting room and wine club specific)
    • Social Media
    • Compliance Manager
    • Graphic Designer
  • Hospitality & Education (Direct to Consumer) – Because of the rules and regulations that established the “three-tier system” there are only a limited number of opportunities to sell their wine directly to the end consumer. In general, these opportunities are:
  • in a tasting room
  • through a wine club
  • via a winery website
    • Tasting Room Hosts/Associates
    • Tasting Room Managers
    • Wine Club / Ecommerce Managers
    • Wine Educators
    • Tour Guides
    • Event Managers
  • General Administration  & Operations – If a winery is large enough to have a General Manager at the helm, that person often has a unique mixture of experience that makes him or her specifically qualified to run the winery business. Many winery general managers have at least some winemaking experience, and often have a MBA as a strong business acumen is necessary.
    • Budgeting a winery business is a complex ordeal that begins as early in the process as when the raw land is purchased for a vineyard site.
    • There is also the demand for good operations professionals within the wine business. Many wineries with their own production facilities have their own bottling lines that need management and maintenance, shipping and receiving departments, and cellar crews.

The most common careers in wine industry:

Below are sample occupations that are regularly advertised for the wine industry


Occupation ANZSCO CODE VISA Options Assessment
Brand Development Manager 131113 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 AIM
Production Manager 133512 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Research and Development Manager 132511 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Public Relations Manager 131114 489(ROL) 482,187,407 AIM
Fruit or Nut Farm worker 841211 Not Viable
Wine Cellar Hand 831118 Not Viable
Vineyard worker 841216 Not viable
Grounds Manager 312911 489 (ROL) 482,187, 407 Vetassess
Fruit or Nut Grower 121213 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Grape Grower 121215 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Laboratory Manager 139913 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Finance Manager 132211 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 CPAA, CA, IPA
Importer/ exporter 133311 187 Vetassess
Payroll Officer 551311 Not Viable
Premier Food and Beverage Attendant 431511 Not Viable
Professional Front of House Staff 431999 Not Viable
Refrigeration Mechanic 342111 189(MLTSSL), 190, 489, 485,462,186, 187,407 TRA
Sales Representatives
Senior Viticulturist Handpicked Wines 121216 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Senior White Wine Maker 234213 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Senior On Premises Wine Sales Cellar Hand 831118 Not viable
Supply Chain Coordinator 133611 190, 489 (STSOL) 482, 187, 407 AIM
Procurement Manager 133612 489 (ROL), 482,187,407 AIM
Tasting Room Manager
Vineyard Assistant Manager
Conference and Event Organiser 149311 190, 489, 482, 187, 407 Vetassess
Accommodation and Hospitality Manager 141999 190, 489, 482,187,407 Vetassess
Wine  Buyer 639211 190, 489, 482,187,407 Vetassess
Wine and Beer Laboratory Technician 234211 482,186,187,407 Vetassess
Wine and Spirit Education Lecturer 489, 482, 187,407 TRA Vetassess
Wine Concierge
Food Technologist 234212 482,186,187,407 Vetassess


What parts of regional Australia need seasonal workers and when is there harvest work available?

Wine jobs are available in Australia all year long through various seasons.

Here’s an example:

Victoria Jobs

Best time of year: January to April; November to February

Crop and region: Pears, peaches, apples, tomatoes (Ardmona, Shepparton, Kyabram); Tobacco (Murray River Valleys); Grapes (Lake Boga, Nyah West, Swan Hill, Robinvale); Apples (Buckland Valley, Stanley, Wandilong, Red Hill, Main Range)

Visitor info: Go south for an eclectic mix of country and culture. Beautiful rural areas merge with the funky capital Melbourne, where shopping, live music and cappuccino strips reign supreme. Buzzing rural cities like Geelong and Mildura hold their own, and coastal scenery along the Great Ocean Road will blow you away. Victoria holds a special place in the heart of sporting Australia, as the home of Australian Rules Football and the country’s favourite horse race, the Melbourne Cup.

New South Wales Jobs

Best time of year: Work is available all year round

Crop and region: Bananas (Coffs Harbour); orchard fruits, cotton and asparagus (November to April in Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange); grapes (February to March in Griffith)

Visitor info: With spectacular Sydney as its capital, and thriving coastal cities like Wollongong and Newcastle, NSW is full of great places to live and visit. For wide-open spaces you’ve got friendly rural towns like Griffith, Bathurst and Dubbo or get a real bush experience in the Southern Highlands.

South Australia Jobs

Best time of year: February to August; and October to February

Crop and region: citrus (Riverland); dried fruits (February to April; in Riverland); grapes (February to April in the Barossa Valley and Southern Vales); brussels sprouts (February to August in Adelaide Hills); strawberries (October to February in Adelaide Hills)

Regional information: SA is known for its wine regions and the peaceful, scenic capital Adelaide otherwise known as the City of Churches.

Western Australia Jobs

Best time of year: All year round

Crop and region: grapes and orchard fruit (October to June in the south and west); crayfish, prawns and scallops (March to November on the west coast from Fremantle to Carnarvon); rock lobster (March to June in Geraldton and Fremantle); bananas (July to August and October to January in Kununurra).

Regional information: The biggest state in Australia, WA spans the entire west coast of the country. Visit the pearling town of Broome, taste the caf? culture in the capital Perth, surf some of the best beaches in the world or enjoy a tipple in famous wine regions in the southwest.

Tasmania Jobs

Best time of year: December to May

Crop and region: orchard fruits (March to May in Huon Valley, Tasman, Peninsula, West Tamar); soft fruit (December to January in Houn and Derwent Valleys, Kingborough, Channel District); grapes (February to April in the Huon and Tamar Valley); hops (March to April in Scottsdale, New Norfolk, Davenport)

Regional information: Not many travellers consider Tasmania as a destination, but it is a gem lying beneath Australia, full of rolling green hills, historical sites and natural beauty. The island is known for its fresh, rich produce and crunchy red apples, mountain ranges and the small but sturdy capital, Hobart.

Check out our guide to Australia’s states and territories for more destination information.


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