How Hard Is It to Settle in Australia?

How hard is it to Settle in Australia

How Hard Is It to Settle in Australia?

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The question of how hard is it to settle in Australia–or how easy it is to settle down there, depends on one’s pre-collected information–must have crossed would be migrants’ mind several times. If you ever have an idea to migrate to Australia, even if it’s just the faintest one, then that question is surely on your mind also.

There are several ways to answer such question. First, of course, you can always turn to Google to make some researches. Second, you can ask your immediate social circles or relatives who you think know about the subject. Lastly, you can ask those who have experienced it first hand: migrants in Australia

With several thousands of migrants coming every year to Australia, you’ll have a lot of people and opinions to ask.

So, first of all, make sure you know how to weed out any excess or unnecessary information. You’re going to need it, even if it’s just to save time. Secondly, from that info, you need to find which one is more relevant to your situation. For example, as a husband and a father of two little children, applying for a skilled (work) visa, the info you need is surely different from a single person applying for a student visa.

For that reason, we’ll find, read and take notes on each and every one of article talking about moving to and settling down in Australia. You know, so you don’t have to.

What you’ll read beneath is the sum of the best advice on the subject that you can take immediate action on.

Settle Down Under

Information provided below is based on the assumption that you’ve been granted an Australian visa. If you’re still in the process of planning to apply, please see this post (Six Ways to Migrate to Australia) for clearer idea, and then give us a call :p.

A cautionary remarks first:

Whatever country you’re from, you’re not there anymore. Things can be really different in Australia.

To be frank,settling down in a new place let alone in a new country is always challenging. The challenge can multiply when you, for example, don’t quite speak the language or come from a very different cultural background.

Those challenges can easily transform into problems if you don’t deal with them carefully.


The easiest way to get yourself settled in Australia is by tapping the local knowledge. In turn, you’ll be able to leverage those knowledge to get what you need, and also the peace of mind you so deserve.

Luckily, we’re now living in an interesting age where people and companies are racing up to solve every problem a modern human may face. That includes immigrant’s problem.

While your problem (i.e. settling down in Australia) might seem complicated, the solutions are really straightforward if not considered as easy. To solve that problem, you only need three things as follow:

  • The Department of Social Services provides a helpful and resourceful booklet entitled Beginning a Life in Australia. This booklet contains all the basic info and contact numbers that you need to start your life in Australia, from setting up your bank account to finding a doctor.
  • Active Migration Australia is currently working with companies specializing in fully customized concierge service for families planning or currently migrating to Australia.
  • Find some online communities where people coming from the same cultural background as you can ask and share information to each other that you can join. It can be a Facebook group or a specific online forum/website.

That’s it.

While the first one acts an contact numbers repository to all your civil needs and the latter acts as a go-to point in case you have some trivial question (where to buy a bumbu pecel in Perth) or not so trivial (where to find the best pediatrician), the one that we offer caters specifically to what your life in Australia is going to be.

We talk about where you’ll live, where your children go to school, and how long would you like to commute to work. You know, stuffs like that. As you can see, these type of things are extremely important for your life so it’s imperative that you find the best help possible.

What Type of Services Are You Offering?

If you’re interested in using the services below do let us know by contacting us via email: [email protected] with CONCIERGE SERVICE as the subject.

Our partners offer bespoke services in these areas and then some:

School for your children

From enrolling your children to the best school to helping you pick up extracurricular activities, including but not limited to:

  • Recommend schools and childcare centers.
  • Compare school rankings and academic results.
  • Arrange private tours of schools and meetings with Principals.
  • Manage the school application process through to completion.
  • Assist with starting school, such as the purchase of uniforms and textbooks, and understanding school procedures.
  • Appoint private tutors to assist with learning English and completing homework assignments.
  • Organize extracurricular activities, such as piano and tennis lessons.
  • Translate all school correspondence such as academic report cards and homework assignment.
  • Accompany families to parent-teacher interviews

Home and Transport

From arranging a tour and home inspection to find the perfect home for your family to finding you the best deals for buying or renting a car.

  • Recommend ideal suburbs for families
  • Assist in search for rental properties or homes for sale, and attend inspections
  • Make introductions to real estate agents and support the buying process
  • Organize unpacking and home set up services
  • Assist to purchase furniture and appliances
  • Source the best utility companies and organize connection – electricity, gas, water, phone, internet, TV and more
  • Appoint staff for your home such as cleaners and gardeners
  • Compare home insurance options and assist with purchasing

Daily Necessities

All the things you need for your daily life in Australia

  • Explain local grocery options such as supermarkets, specialty stores and international grocers
  • Recommend beauty and wellness services such as hair and nail salons
  • Explain retail shopping options such as major shopping centers and luxury brands
  • Source quality tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians and painters
  • Assist with government registrations such as a drivers license and Medicare
  • Help you open bank accounts and set up online banking
  • Accompany you to set up memberships – library, gym, golf club and more
  • Explain private and public transport options
  • Organize private and group language classes
  • Translate documents and mail

Health and Lifestyle

From insurance to keep you safe during your family outing.

  • Compare health insurance options
  • Recommend the best medical professionals – GP, dentist, acupuncture and more
  • Recommend restaurants
  • Suggest the best local parks to visit and other outdoor activities
  • Explain local dangers such as Australian wildlife, beach safety and more
  • Suggest family outings, recommend holiday destinations, plan children’s birthday parties, play dates and more
  • Arrange private chauffeurs

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