Visa Summary

This visa is designed for retirees and their partner who want to spend some of their retirement years in Australia.

Important: This visa is not available to new or first-time visa applicants other than new partners of existing or former Retirement visa holders. The recommended visa for new or first time applicants considering spending a period of their retirement in Australia is the Investor Retirement Visa (subclass 405).

Former Retirement visa (subclass 410) holders and their partners who have been granted any other substantive visa, including Visitor visas and Electronic Travel Authorities, are not able to reapply for this visa.

Since 1 July 2009, Retirement visa holders are able to apply for a visa which is valid for 10 years and do not have any restrictions on the hours that they are able to work.

Who is this visa for?

This visa is only available to:

  • existing Retirement visa (subclass 410) holders and their partners to rollover their current visa
  • former Retirement visa (subclass 410) holders and their partners who have not held another substantive visa since their last Retirement visa was granted.

If you need advice on your circumstances, please contact active Migration Australia before obtaining any other visa.

What does this visa let me do?

If you are granted this visa, during its validity you can:

  • leave and re-enter Australia at any time
  • work in Australia
  • undertake study in Australia.

This visa is a temporary entry visa. It does not lead to permanent residency in Australia or to Australian citizenship.

How does this visa work?

Visa validity period

If you are a current Retirement visa holder and you successfully apply to rollover your visa, you will be able to stay a further ten (10) years in Australia.

Bringing family

Your partner can be included on your application form. You cannot bring any other dependent relatives.

Australian Government benefits

This visa is specifically designed for self-funded retirees. Therefore you are generally not entitled to financial assistance or welfare support from the Australian Government.

Medicare benefits?

Medicare benefits are usually not available. Reciprocal medical agreements between Australia and other governments exist with some countries. These are explained on the Medicare Australia website.


This visa has unlimited work rights allowing you to work full time while in Australia.

Retirement definitions

The following definitions are available to help you understand the information on these pages.


To rollover your visa means to renew your Retirement visa to allow for a further stay.


A partner is your spouse (the person you are married to) or de facto partner (including same-sex partners).

Substantive visa

A substantive visa is a visa other than any of the following:

  • a bridging visa
  • a criminal justice visa
  • an enforcement visa

Visa application process

You can apply for this visa in Australia or overseas if you and your partner are either:

  • existing Retirement visa (subclass 410) holders wanting to 'rollover' your current visa or
  • former Retirement visa (subclass 410) holders who have not held another substantive visa since your Retirement visa ceased.

Application checklist

The application checklist details the information and supporting documents that you must provide with your application. If you do not lodge all of the necessary documents, a decision may be made only on the information that you have provided.

Application form

Active Migration Australia will assess each application individually and provide extensive checklists consisting of instructions to help you successfully complete the forms required.  

How to lodge your application

If you are in Australia when you lodge your application, you must be in Australia to be granted this visa.

If you are outside Australia when you lodge your application, you must be outside Australia to be granted this visa.

Application decision

If the visa is granted, you will receive a letter from the department providing:

  • advice that you have been granted the Retirement visa (subclass 410)
  • details of any conditions placed on your visa.

If the visa is refused, you will receive a letter advising the reasons for the refusal decision. The letter will also advise you whether you can ask for the decision to be reviewed by the Migration Review Tribunal, and explain how to apply for review.

Visa Requirements

Change of circumstances

You are eligible to apply to rollover this visa if:

  • you are the partner of a recently deceased Retirement visa applicant
  • your visa is still valid, and
  • you are 55 years of age or over.

Health requirements

You and your partner will not be required to undergo health screening including medical and x-ray, unless you have either:

  • travelled for 3 months or more to a country where tuberculosis is a high risk, or
  • had exposure to other public health risk conditions even if you have not travelled outside Australia

If tuberculosis or a public health risk condition is identified, medical treatment rather than visa refusal will be the likely outcome.

Character requirements

You must be of good character to enter Australia. Rollover Retirement visa applicants will be required to lodge an up to date Australian Federal Police clearance. They are also required to lodge a renewed overseas penal clearance if they have returned for at least 12 months to a country in which they previously resided.

Health insurance

To be eligible for this visa you must show evidence that:

  • you maintained health insurance during your previous stay in Australia
  • you have ongoing adequate health insurance

For health insurance to be considered 'adequate', it must:

  • be fully comprehensive
  • provide cover that is at least equivalent to Medicare (including cover of 85 per cent of costs for hospital, emergency and general practitioner services)
  • provide coverage for pharmaceuticals.

Having adequate health insurance requirements for immigration eligibility purposes but it does not necessarily mean that the insurance cover will be adequate for all your personal circumstances. You should ensure that any insurance you obtain takes into account your individual needs.

It is preferable that the health insurance be with an Australian insurer, however alternative arrangements that meet the requirements can be accepted. Alternative arrangements with an overseas insurer will require individual detailed examination of the insurance policy and may result in processing delays.

Failure to maintain adequate health insurance may result in the refusal of future visa applications

Financial requirements

You are expected to be self-supporting while in Australia

Australian Values Statement

If you are aged 18 years or over, you must declare that you will respect Australian values and obey the laws of Australia. For this visa, the values statement is included in the general declaration section of the application form. When you sign the application form it means you will also be signing the values statement. You will not be required to have read the Life in Australia book, but may do so if you wish.

You are also encouraged to gain an understanding of Australia, its people and their way of life, before applying for this visa.

Conditions and obligations for holders of visa subclass 410

You must comply with your visa validity and conditions while in Australia on this visa. A breach of these conditions may result in your visa being cancelled and you may have to leave Australia.

If your visa is granted, you will find information about your visa validity and conditions on the visa label placed in your passport.

Health insurance

You must maintain adequate health insurance during your stay in Australia. If you fail to maintain adequate health insurance, your current visa may be cancelled, or any future visa applications may be refused.

Changed passport details

If you change your passport after you have been granted this visa you must notify the Department. If you do not provide us with details of any new or additional passport you use to travel to Australia, you will experience significant delays at the airport and could be denied permission to board your plane.