Visa Consultation

The visa consultation process can be complicated and confusing, that’s why the Active Migration team are willing to assist you every step of the way.

At Active Migration Australia we believe you should have a visa strategy and not just a visa. When you make a plan you should consider all of your options, analyse each one based on your current situation and determine the best way to proceed. A good plan is flexible, it has contingencies, is goal orientated, and definable.

During your visa consultation we look at the whole picture. This allows our team to understand your circumstances and make a plan for your future in Australia. Our customers value the quality service and expert advice provided throughout the visa consultation process.

Active Migration is flexible in terms of how the consultation is carried out. You can book an appointment to visit our office, or if you are not near our office, the team will be able to arrange a consultation via phone, Skype, or Google hangout.

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Which Agent is for me

At Active Migration all of our agents are:

  • Registered by the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA)
  • Trained to Active Migration Australia's standards before they can conduct consultations
  • Experienced in preparing and lodging a minimum number of applications for their specialisation
  • Knowledgable across a range of visa types
  • A champion in at least one specific visa type

Our agents are graded based on experience; 

  • Registered Migration Agent
  • Experienced Registered Migration Agent
  • Senior Registered Migration Agent

Registered Migration Agents

A Registered Migration Agent must meet the MARA minimum standards for being registered as a migration agent AND Active Migration Australia's minimum standards of competency before they can provide consultations with a client. In order to provide exception quality of service Active Migration Australia's induction program exceeds the basic requirements of the MARA.

Experienced Migration Agents

Experienced Migration Agents must in addition to meeting the minimum requirements for MARA must also have achieved the following:

  • 5 of the 10 compulsary Career Professional Development (CPD) points must have been completed at above a beginers level
  • Proven track record in at least 5 different visa subclasses
  • Had sucess with complex case issues

Senior Migration Agents

Senior Agents in addition to being registered with MARA must have:

  • Complete a minimum of 10 out of the 10 CPD points at a masters level or above
  • Completed a mininum of 4 additional CPD classes (whether points are claimed or not)
  • Had sucess in complex case issues
  • Represented clients at MRT and/or had experience dealing with applications at a higher level
  • Are regognised by Active Migration Australia as a leader and mentor in their specialist field

With a choice of agents you can find the right agent for you. After determining the best visa strategy, your consulting agent can even recommend or utilise a visa category specialist, or a consulting agent to help with your case, all within the Active Migration Australia team.