Skills Assessments

Registration, licensing or professional bodies assess overseas qualifications to work in specific occupations. Your occupation will determine which assessing authority makes that assessment. 

The Active Migration team assists with skills assessment applications regularly. We are equipped with the knowledge to prepare your application and continue to manage the application, liaising with the skills assessing authority until a decision is made. 

How it works

The first step for all General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas and in some cases for RSMS, ENS, graduate and temporary sponsored visas is getting your qualifications and experience assessed against the Australian standard. 

The skills assessment authority responsible for your assessment depends on which occupation you hold. Below are links for the most common ones: TRA, VETASSESS, Engineers Australia and ACWA. Different skills assessment authorities have different assessment methods. 

Some of them only assesses the qualification whiilst others might consider experience instead of qualification. You will need to obtain a successful skills assessment to be eligible for any GSM (General Skilled Migration) visa. When it comes to skills assessments, not 'one shoe' fits all. Every occupation has different requirements.