ANZSCO Occupations

To determine applicants occupation the department of immigration us the The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

An ANZSCO occupation consists of a 6 digit number that is built up with each number indicating the group the occupation sits in. for example an ANZSCO code starting with a 3 is a trade or technician occuaption. 33 would be a construction trade worker, and so on until the final 6 digit code for the occupation is determined. 

This menu system uses the ANZSCO structure and definitions for all levels to allow you to build your way to the final occupation code (major, sub-major, minor and unit groups and occupations). However a simpler way is to either select your occupation from one of the Skilled Occupaiton Lists (MLTSSL or STSOL) or use the search function and type in your occupation.

To make it simpler for you we have created the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Short-Term Strategic Skills List (STSOL) documents with links to the occupations so you can simply scroll down the list, find your occupation and click on the link to see the detail of each occupation.  

The MLTSSL and STSOL do not show elligible occupations for the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) 187 visa.

Most occupations are only available for a limited number of visas. If you know the visa you are after select it from the list below and a list of all available occupations will be displayed.

Occupations are shown by availability in specific states or territories.